That We may Know, Live, and Share the Love of Christ!

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Worship Service Sunday, November 1st


Outdoor Worship is offered on Saturday Evenings.   We gather at 5:30 PM on Saturday evenings in the parking lot. The order of worship will be available above, usually posted on Thursday afternoons. Please print or download it and bring it with you.  If you wish to receive Communion, we ask you to bring juice and bread for your use.  Also bring a chair and sit in front of the church being sure to keep plenty of distance between households.  Face coverings are required.  If the weather doesn’t cooperate the service will be aired on 95.9 FM radio. Grand County Health Department requires attendance to be recorded at this time.  Please arrive a bit early so we can accomplish this.  We are looking for a volunteer who can assist with this.  Worship materials can be downloaded above.


The following is shared by our sister congregation, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. We share it with you.

The church is essential.
The church is open – and has been open all along.
The church is people who have been serving meals to hungry neighbors, volunteering in the community, providing worship and Bible study through multiple online platforms, calling our neighbors, delivering groceries, partnering with other people of faith and non-religious people to work with and for our vulnerable neighbors, praying, donating, singing, parenting, teaching, learning, nursing, doctoring, farming, stocking and selling groceries, delivering mail, collecting trash – all with the intention of, as best we can, embodying God’s love for all, wherever we are.
The building is closed, and will remain so for the time being.
The church is more than a building.
We miss gathering in person and all the benefits of doing so.
We are confident that our right to worship is secure.
We are called to act with compassion and care for those who are vulnerable, even if that requires further inconvenience and sacrifice.
We will joyfully gather in person again
when we are persuaded by the Holy Spirit and
scientific evidence that it is loving and wise to do so.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (ELCA), Glenwood Springs, CO

Additional thoughts from Pastor Brian of Lord of the Valley Lutheran Church

While our sanctuary is closed our hearts are open! We have moved our Sunday morning worship here, to our website, with a live streamed service on Sunday mornings on Zoom. Use the link above to join us.

This worship format will continue for the time being. We would prefer to be able to offer worship in person in the sanctuary, but know that it will be some time before we are confident it is safe to do so, for our members and friends, our musicians and staff, and those who visit Grand County from all over the state, nation and world. We will announce any changes here on our website.

As a community in Jesus Christ we want to extend our care to those around us. Part of our expression of Christ’s love is to be mindful of the risks of transmitting this virus, especially to those most vulnerable. This describes a significant portion of our membership and friends who regularly would be present in worship. We do well to follow the wisdom of staying at home, keeping appropriate social distance, correctly wearing a mask or face covering and practice healthful ways of living through good diet, exercise and personal hygiene.

We are all encouraged to grow in our spiritual practices of prayer and meditation, scripture reading and study, writing and other creative activities.

Be kind and generous, to your loved ones, friends and neighbors… and yourself!

Let us lean into the creativity that God has given us so that we remain close and connected during this time apart.  We have heard a lot about Social Distance during this time. Let us practice “Physical Distancing” while we seek to remain socially connected through phone conversations, email, text messages and other means of looking out for one another. God walks with us in promise and peace during these uncertain times.

Let us remain in Christ’s love,

Pastor Brian Bergum