Lord of the Valley supports an annual medical mission trip to the Somoto, Nicaragua area in late June. This mission includes general health checks, women’s health, optical and dental care. A children’s ministry is offered and a food pack is shared along with other resources. Additionally, water filters are provided through connections with local fire departments. Our mission sets up their mobile clinic in five or six villages and serves 1200-1400 people each year.

Come join us as a volunteer in this vital, active ministry. Our volunteers need not be medical professionals. In fact, we will match your interests and skills with the many jobs needed throughout the trip.

Participation in this ministry includes financial support for our team’s efforts.  We seek funding to support water filters that bring water purification to an area of the world that does not currently have it. The filters are presented to the household, installed by the fire department (where education on how to use them is also provided), and then monitored by the local fire professionals. The connection between local fire departments with the residents of the community is a key foundation in the support of this new, healthier lifestyle.  We welcome all financial support.  No gift is too small to help grow this necessary and important aspect of this ministry.

Interested in joining us? Please visit accompanying pages for more information.